Website Maintenance Services

Plan Name Basic Standard Premium Diamond
Text: Additions or Deletions.

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Photos: Additions, deletions, and basic retouching.

Pages: Additions or deletions using existing page design

Navigation: Basic navigational changes (add, move, or delete an item in the navigation).

File downloads: Additions or deletions of PDFs and other documents.

Videos: Insertion or deletion of a pre-edited video.

Color and Background images: Changes or replacements

E-Mail Based Support

Service Tickets per Month 5 Tickets/Month 8 Tickets/Month 15 Tickets/Month
Service provided per Year(in Hours) 60 Hrs/Year 96 Hrs/Year 180 Hrs
Estimated time to Complete Work With in 24 Hrs With in 8 Hrs With in 5 Hrs
Monthly Pricing  3,500 5,000  7,500
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